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If you want to find a Filipina girlfriend, you’re going to need a plan. Dating a Filipina online who lives in the Philippines isn’t like online dating in your city. Some men, not knowing what to do, end of wasting a lot of time and money. Some men need years to find the right woman, if they don’t first give up and resolve to live alone. But as I often write on this site: If it takes you more than six months to find a good match, you’re doing it wrong. Finding potential Philippine women for marriage isn’t hard, but finding the right one will take you some time. However, if you know what to do, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches. This is more-or-less the strategy I used, and in under three months, I had found the perfect girl for me. A year later, I was engaged, and a year after that I was happily married.

Decide What You’re Looking For in a Filipina Girlfriend

Make a list of the things you’re looking for in a potential Filipina bride. Be flexible as your list may change as you go on and get to know more women. If you’re doing it right, you’re going to be contacting several women each day, maybe a dozen or so a week. You need some way to keep up with them all so you can decide if you want to keep talking to them or move on. I found it useful to make a spreadsheet. Maybe that sounds too businesslike, but it works! Put the topic headings at the top of each column. Add any headings that are important for you. If you want a woman above/below a certain height, add that. If you want to know about her family, make a heading for that also. You can store an image in a spreadsheet so you can remember what she looks like, but it may be easier to post a URL to her picture or her online profile.

You don’t need to write about every woman you send a message to. Wait until they reply to your message. Fill in as much information as you can from their first emails. As soon as you can, chat with them and casually bring up the other subjects you want to know about. If you come to a “deal breaker”, like if she had children, politely let her know you’re not interested and end the chat. Color her name on your list so you’ll know she’s not an option if she contacts you again.

After a while, you should have at least one or maybe more women. You can decide which one you want to continue a relationship with, or plan a trip to the Philippines and meet as many as possible. Alway be honest. Don’t have two or three online “girlfriends”, but also don’t fall in love with the first sweet girl who comes your way. You have many options and you owe it to yourself and your new Filipina girlfriend not to waste your time or hers.



Write A Message Template To Send To All Women

You’re going to need to take the initiative and write to most of the women you will be contacting. You may get some messages from women, but many of these won’t match what you’re looking for, and a high proportion will be scammers. Take charge and do the contacting yourself. You’re going to want to say about the same thing about yourself to all the women you meet. To save time, write one standard message describing yourself. You might even consider writing different versions of the same message for different types of women. For example, describe yourself differently to women who have children and to those who don’t. It’s best not to make it too long, but get in all the necessary information. Making it too long makes it seem like a form letter and too fake. You can also ask a few questions about them. Include information on the best way to contact you, such as your Skype ID. You can add the best times to contact you, but write these in Philippine time. You can also give your Facebook profile page (if it’s open to the public) to give her something to look at while she’s waiting to contact you again.

Don’t just copy and paste the same message over and over again. For one reason, the dating site you use may not allow this. Women can also tell sometimes. You should read their dating profile page and add a few statements or questions about things you find there. For example, if she is a nurse, you can ask a few questions or comment about this. Also, be sure to delete any questions that are clearly answered. Some women write very little on their profile page. This is often because they speak little English, but if you decide to write to them anyway, you don’t have much to go on. Just add an opening greeting that changes each time.

Send As Many Messages As Possible

Most good Filipina dating sites have thousands of women online at any one time. There are thousands more who are regularly active, and more joining every day. In short, you have a lot of choices. Be patient, give them all a good look, and sent lots of messages. The best method is to set your filters exactly where you want them and run the search. Be optimistic; if you have a narrow age range in mind, start there and see how many results you get. You can always change your parameters if you don’t get any responses from those results. After you run a search, open as many profiles as you can. Hold down the CTRL key when you click and the profiles will open in a new tab. Open as many as you can without slowing down your computer too much. Copy your message template and look at each profile. When you see one that looks like a match, send your message. Close the ones that aren’t for you or that look like a potential scam. If your dating site limits the number of messages you can send per day, you can create a bookmark folder in your browser and bookmark the profiles you want to message later. Then, sit back and let the replies roll in. If you send 50 messages, don’t expect to get 50 replies. You might get 10 “good” ones if you’re lucky. By “good” I mean they say more than “Hi, how are you?” in reply to your message, and they don’t immediately give you a scammer trigger. Most of the women you will have messaged will have limited Internet access, or be talking to other men, or looking for someone else, or they’re just looking. Some may get back to you later, but focus on the ones who are the most responsive. Out of those replies you do get, you won’t continue communicating with all of them. Finding four or five a week would be a good average.

Getting Ready To Chat

I’m a bit old-fashioned and prefer to exchange long and meaningful emails, but the Philippines is dominated by a texting culture and online chat goes along with that. Even if you say a lot, Filipinas often don’t reply with much text. If you want to know more about them, your best bet is to start chatting as soon as possible. This lets you ask a lot of questions casually and without sounding like an interview. Then, you can decide who you like and avoid wasting time.

Facebook is the most popular and accessible for text chat, and Skype is popular for both text and video chat. Newer services like Viber, Whatsapp, and Line have become popular, and some people still use the old Yahoo! Messenger. How well you can communicate will depend partly on how busy they are, but mostly how much access they have to the Internet. Most Filipinas are limited in how often they can get online but see my post on the best ways to chat with someone in the Philippines easily.

Time zones may be a problem in the way you communicate. Depending on where you are in the world, your new friends may be at work when you are available to chat, and available to chat when you are asleep. Try to make a plan to be online when it’s evening in the Philippines, even if it means getting up early in the morning. You’ll probably meet some women who work evenings, so be flexible. After you make a few acquaintances, you can agree when you’ll chat with them.

Video chat as soon as possible. This makes sure you’re talking to a real girl and that she looks like her pictures. If she can’t video chat after one or two conversations, drop her and move on. See my post on how not to get scammed on a Filipina dating site for more tips.

Final Advice

As you chat with women and get to know them better, you’ll find some you like more than others. You may even decide there’s one you can’t live without. Whatever you do, be patient. And if a woman you like stops communicating, she probably either found someone else or can no longer get online. Either way, don’t be discouraged. Just keep following this method. Keep your spreadsheet list, and continue eliminating those you know are not a good match. If you’re not happy with anyone on your list, get back on the dating site and keep sending messages to those who have joined recently. It can get tiring and this may take up a lot of your free time, but it will be worth it in the end. Once you’ve found one or more you’re happy with, you can relax and build your relationship until you’re ready to go to the Philippines to meet your beautiful Filipina.

You should also check out my article on how to know if a Filipina is the right one for you.

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