Review – Paid Site for Philippines Dating is a Filipina dating site focused on love seekers looking a devout partner.

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The site has a more mature and serious user base with a focus on finding a Christian partner. You're less likely to meet a scammer here.

You're unable to meet anyone with a high-priced paid membership. Other than allowing messaging, there isn't much to make the site worth the high price.


ChristianFilipina has a smaller active user base than many dating sites, but it will be appealing to those who want a serious relationship with someone who shares their religious beliefs. This is a very well designed and functional site that makes it easy to find someone with your interests. On the downside, you can’t do much without paying a high price.

User Profiles

The user profile pages contain the usual data you would expect to find on a dating site, with the addition of specific Christian denominations in the religion entry. The about section allows a large amount of text to be written, however, it is not required and some women skip it or write very little. Very little information is required, but most people seem at least to fill out the basics. You can see on the profile page when they last logged on, so you won’t waste time sending messages to those who no longer use the site.

The photos are large and easy to view. Unfortunately, many women seem not to add any photos, but you can filter them out in a search.


The messaging box is below the profile description, and you can see previously sent messages just above it. Unfortunately, you’ll need to have a paid account to get any use out of the messaging service. If you send a message to someone, or if the message you, all that can be seen is the subject line. If you or they are an upgraded member, the entire message can be read. Otherwise, you just know someone has sent you a message but not what they’ve said.

Searching and Usability

There are advanced and basic search options. The advanced options give you a large number of filters to narrow down your search. However, a feature that is missing is a regional location setting. It’s possible to search by country only, but you can’t search by city, province, or region within the Philippines. This is a big limitation if you want to meet women in a particular area that you live in or will be traveling in. A nice feature is the ability to search through profiles of women who have joined within a search period, so you if you don’t log in for a while you can ‘catch up’ on who’s joined in the meantime. Being a Christian-focused site, you can search for particular denominations. You can include or exclude Catholics, various Protestant groups, Pentecostals, and non-Trinitarian groups like the LDS, Jehova’s Witnesses, and/or Iglesia ni Christo.

The site has a dedicated FAQ page, a helpful Helpdesk link on the left of every page, and the ability to contact admin by phone or even by mail.

Additional Features

It’s possible to verify your identity and this noted on your profile. This helps you to look more trustworthy. This will also make you appear above non-verified users in searches.

Uniquely, ChristianFilipina allows you to communicate one-on-one (method not described) with “relationship consultants.” Likely, these consultants will give you advice about finding and courting the right woman for you in the Philippines. The prices vary by hundreds of dollars with little explanation as to why one consultant is better than another, though one of the consultants is the founder of the site.

If you think you’ve found a potential match and your thinking of taking the next step, but you can’t decide if she’s really the one, you can also get a “second opinion” by a member of the ChristianFilipina staff. This can be done via webcam for $100 USD, or $500 for an in-person meeting between the staff and your lady friend.

Additionally, there is a “Dream Filipina” coaching offer. This coaching program appears to be a membership-type sub-site, possibly with drip-fed information to keep you a member longer. It also includes access to live events and conference calls with the founder. The cost is $17 for the first month and $47 thereafter.

These features seem to be designed to squeeze a bit more money on top of the already high membership costs. It’s not difficult to find information on online dating in the Philippines, so there’s no reason to pay such high fees for it. If you don’t want to search and need info fed to you, then go for it. The only one that might be valuable is the “second opinion” service if you don’t fully trust your own judgment and want someone to help you out.

Paid Vs Free Features

For men hoping to meet women in the Philippines, using without upgrading is not a viable option. You are unable to send real messages to a woman unless she has upgraded, and given the cost, most Filipinas will not do this. Without the ability to share off-site contact info, your chances of meeting a woman here are nill.

There are three membership packages. At $247, the 3-month gold membership allows you to send 50 messages per day, probably more than most people will need after they get started. You can also live video/text chat with any member. That’s about all the real value you get. You can also get discounts on flights and hotels, but you can usually get better discounts elsewhere. You also get a 60-minute consultation with a “relationship consultant” but that probably doesn’t offer you any more value than reading a few articles online.

The 1-year platinum membership will set you back $597, and boosts you daily messaging limit to 100. You also get a 15-minute consultation with the founder of ChristianFilipina in addition to the 60-minute relationship consultation. The staff will also give you a free second opinion of one member of your choosing.

There is a lifetime unlimited package, but as I always say if you can’t find a good match within 6 months you’re doing it wrong. If you do want more options, the unlimited package costs $997 and gives you unlimited messaging, 3 60-minute relationship consultations, a 30-minute call with the founder, and 3 second opinions.


On the whole, the only reason to go with over other paid Filipina dating sites like is the focus on finding a Christian match. However, it’s not hard to find a devout Christian in the Philippines, and many other sites allow you to search by religion, though they usually don’t break it down beyond Catholic and Protestant. On the other hand, since this is a Christain-themed site, you seem to find a more serious group of users. On the downside, the userbase is much smaller than many cheaper sites. The user base appears to be less of those just looking for fun and more those who want a serious relationship. The women appear to be a big older, and you’re less likely to find scammers. Still, I don’t feel it’s worth the high price unless you feel the need to make things easier on yourself.

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